Client Results:

"No doubt this portfolio has launched my campaign to a new level especially in the networking area.”
- Donald I., CIO, Florida

Online career portfolios are widely recognized as the latest trend in executive career change.
Savings: Save thousands off the cost of your job search. Utilize 21st Century career technology to accelerate your progress towards your goals.
Value: Shave precious time off your job search by leveraging the multimedia power of the internet to market yourself more effectively to employers.
Benefits: Leverage 21st Century career technology to give yourself competitive advantages in the marketplace and reach your career and financial goals.
Features: Your career consultant will develop an online portfolio for you which powerfully conveys your value to prospective employers.
Results: Accelerate the sales process. Get noticed faster. Convert key telephone interviews to appointments. Turn personal interviews into job offers.
Samples: Demonstrate your value to employers with an impressive online showcase of your achievements.