Client Results:
"When you said you developed 21st century resumes, you weren't kidding! My web portfolio is getting comments like--- Amazing! Wow! Excellent! Now my friends also need your expertise - they are job searching, too! "
- Mohit C., International Operations, New Jersey

Network More Efficiently. Shave precious time off your job search by leveraging the multimedia power of the internet to market yourself more effectively to prospective employers. A career web portfolio can enable you to accelerate the search process and maximize your results with the employment opportunities you discover.
“A headhunter emailed me to say that he had been given my name by several contacts in Atlanta and wanted to talk with me. I answered his email with my website address. When I went to the interview, he stated that he had shared it with others in the office and thought that it was unique. I was offered a position...”
- Carla O., MPA, Missouri
"During telephone interviews I have found it to be much easier for the interviewer to let go of those typical canned HR questions and focus more on my accomplishments. This has helped land me some interesting assignments...
I would have to say that the web portfolio should be a part of every job seeker's resume.”
- Steve K., Management and Technology Consultant, California
“Having a web site has been very beneficial in my job search. Potential employers who have viewed it have commented on its professional presentation, and I believe it has been a key factor in showcasing my talent at an executive level. As a matter of fact, I have two interviews next week that were a direct result of my web page portfolio. Thanks for a job well done!”
- Wayne M., CPA, California
“I have realized the portfolio can eliminate the first stage of interviewing, automatically placing me in the second interview with the hiring decision makers. No doubt this portfolio has launched my campaign to a new level, especially in the networking area. I believe this product is the next wave of technology in the industry.”
- Donald I., IT Executive, Florida. (Received 2 interviews and a job offer after using his web portfolio for only 3 weeks, following a 7 month job search with no interviews.)

“Thanks again for putting together such a great web portfolio. It really is a striking visual tool that neatly bundles up everything I want to sell about myself. Thanks again for everything you've done!”
- Sadron L., Editor, Virginia
“I have used it mainly as a tool to help me subtly sell myself and my expertise with the recruiters who are part of IT consulting practices. Without exception, I have only gotten very favorable comments on the site.”
- Richard H., CIO, Oklahoma
"Rita, I'd like to thank you and your staff for your efforts putting together my web profile. I can't tell you how impressed I am with it, it looks fantastic! It was also extremely helpful to me to see it on the screen like a prospective employer would, larger than life. It made me really think about my career objectives and what parts of my professional experience to highlight to get the job I want."
- Paula M., Human Resources Director, Minnesota
“I have reviewed the pages -- they look great. Many thanks for completing this -- and in record time. Again, great job, I am very impressed with your service.”
- Jeff A., Project Manager, Massachusetts
“I was able to direct both recruiters and potential employers to the site while traveling to keep the interest intact until I was able to converse privately.”
- Dennis W., VP Sales & Mktg., New Jersey

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