Client Results:
"Having a web site has been very beneficial in my job search. Potential em-ployers who have viewed it have commented on its professional presentation, and I believe it has been a key factor in showcasing my talent at an executive level. As a matter of fact, I have two interviews next week that were a direct result of my web portfolio. Thanks for a job well done!"
-Wayne M., CPA,

Convert to Employed Portfolio

When you accept a new position, you can change your portfolio style from career networking to business networking.
Update profile
Add your new company name and title to your profile.
Change residence contact data to new office.
Update portfolio
Change the wording on your contact page from:
Career Networking to Business Networking
[John Smith] welcomes the opportunity to speak with you about your business needs and his experience and qualifications. ..... [John Smith] will be glad to speak with you to discuss [Company Name]'s dynamic capabilities and leadership position in the industry.
Update your portfolio's home page (profile) to reflect your current position and responsibilities.

Remove experience (career history) page and downloadable resume, or update it to include:
Your New Company Name, City, and State
one line company description
Your New Position Title

Expand portfolio
Some ideas for future additions:
• Add an achievement
• Add a current projects page
• Add an article
• Add a vision and mission statement
• Add an About Company page
• Add an About Department page
• Add an About Company Products page

Use your control panel to update your portfolio...