Client Results:
"Having a web site has been very beneficial in my job search. Potential em-ployers who have viewed it have commented on its professional presentation, and I believe it has been a key factor in showcasing my talent at an executive level. As a matter of fact, I have two interviews next week that were a direct result of my web portfolio. Thanks for a job well done!"
-Wayne M., CPA,


Personal Interviews - Internet Support

When the hiring manager invites you in for a personal interview, suggest that he or she forward your web portfolio to the other executives who will be speaking with you. Your web portfolio can then pre-sell you to the other decision makers you will meet.

These decision makers will only receive ordinary resumes for the other candidates. Often these are not even read. The odds of your portfolio being viewed are much higher than a resume, and the impact is considerably greater.

Whenever there is a computer nearby, you can also take advantage of internet-empowered interviewing using your career web portfolio.

Enhance your live presentation with visual support from the web. Use charts and graphs in strong colors to demonstrate what you can do for the firm. Strengthen your personal interviews and elevate your chances of employment.

After the inverview, you will send thank you letters and e-mails to the people you've spoken with.

In these communications, you can reference specific pages in your web portfolio which amplify or support key points you have discussed with each manager. Used wisely, your portfolio can continue working for you after the interview to help you close the sale.