Client Results:
"Having a web site has been very beneficial in my job search. Potential em-ployers who have viewed it have commented on its professional presentation, and I believe it has been a key factor in showcasing my talent at an executive level. As a matter of fact, I have two interviews next week that were a direct result of my web portfolio. Thanks for a job well done!"
-Wayne M., CPA,

Job Offer Solutions

The process of selling yourself does not stop when you receive the job offer. When you start a new job, you need to sell yourself to the people you will be working with in your new environment.

You can use your career web portfolio to acquaint your new co-workers, peers, staff, and management with your background and credentials. Let your web portfolio do some of the selling for you.

Before your new company sends out a general announcement that you have joined management, they will usually ask you for a biography and sometimes a photo. Give them a hyperlink to your career web portfolio to include in the announcement for further information about you.

Used in this way, your web portfolio can pre-sell you to people throughout the company whom you will be meeting and working with as your career progresses. Your web portfolio can help pave the way for you to build effective working relationships with people in all areas of the company.