Client Results:
“A headhunter emailed me to say that he wanted to talk with me. I answered his email with my portfolio address. When I went to the interview, he stated that he had shared it with others in the office and thought that it was unique. I was offered a position...”
- Carla O., MPA, Missouri

Are you ready to land the ideal job more rapidly? Then why not invest in sales tools to market yourself more effectively? Accelerate the sales process. By getting noticed faster, and successfully converting key telephone interviews to appointments, you can shave weeks or even months off your job search time. Specifically, a career web portfolio can enable you to:
1. Get Attention - Make employers notice you more quickly with a career web portfolio. Put your name in lights. Make a powerful impression with captivating artwork, rich colors and intelligent presentation. Your competition has only a black and white sheet of paper with fine print. You will stand out from the crowd.
2. Succeed with Telephone Interviews - Convert telephone interviews with prospective employers to appointments. Co-browse your career web portfolio with employers to explain your achievements. This approach can yield over 400% more impact than a resume alone, helping you to make the cut and get the personal interview.

3. Strengthen Personal Interviews - Reinforce your personal interviews with internet-empowered presentations that showcase your key strengths. Impress other decision makers (the hiring manager's peers and staff) with your career portfolio and land the job.

4. Land the Job Offer - Turn personal interviews into job offers. Use 21st Century career technology to give yourself competitive advantages in the marketplace and reach your career and financial goals.

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